Sunday, 6 May 2012

Back to Baha'u'llah

I haven't posted for a while. Some serious work came my way, and I had to give up things to do it. Also, I need to listen to Steve, who has given up saying to me that it is worth blogging about an idea that I think is obvious, and that takes only a paragraph to outline.

Ever into self-flagellating - that's me. And it has been a veil between me and God all my life. What is, essentially, a very simple message from Baha'u'llah - "love me and return to me" - I make complicated by turning it into hard work.

It's not about doing things, Alison; it's about being in love with one who is more worthy than anything else to make a claim on your heart.

'Just as soon as I'm finished this, I'll be with you, Lord.' Dah.

'No, Alison, come now. Forget that, and come now.'

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