Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A conversation in the next world

Last night, I visited in a dream a woman who lived in the next world. She lived in a house that was high up a hill so steep it was like a cliff. It had windows all along the front and there was a wonderful view out onto the valley. When I was talking to her, I felt like I knew her well, but now I can't recall why I thought that. Aware that I had found myself in the next world, I took the opportunity to ask her some questions about it. To my amazement, she gave me answers and I understood them. I remember thinking that it really helped to actually be in the next world with her, so I could experience what she talking about. She knew I was a visitor from the physical world; she seemed a bit on guard because of that. But do you think I can remember now what we discussed? Not much at all! I'm disappointed about that. I remember waking up in my body and thinking 'Gee, I've just been chatting to a woman in the next world', and realising that my recall of the experience was fading fast and there was nothing I could do about it.

I do recall gaining the general sense from her answers that the next world was like this one. After all, I was surrounded by this woman's house, with its view and ordinary things you see here everyday. Also, just as we live here with ourselves, we live there with ourselves, so if we don't like living with ourselves, then we've got a problem. My final question before I woke up - and this one I do remember - was whether she experienced the rotation of night and day like we do - whether there was something in her world that generated the night and day pattern. She said that I was thinking from the point of view of someone who lived in the physical world. I was a little put out at this, for I was trying my hardest not to assume any concepts from the physical world knowing that none really applied. She could have just said 'No, there's nothing like that here.' I woke up after that. I must have disappeared from her presence all of a sudden.

I don't reguarly have dreams like that. I expect it was sparked from reading "Walking in Light", which is all talk about people in the next world and what it's like to live there.

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