Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ascension of Baha’u'llah

"His bed was in the middle of the room. The mattress and quilt were covered with white sheets and He was propped up on two or three pillows. Mirza Diya'u'llah and Mirza Badi'u'llah were fanning Him. His body was extremely frail and his voice was weak - though He spoke clearly. He revealed words of separation and departure, emphatically commanding unity and love among the believers. ...

As we heard these words and clear verses from the mouth of the Beloved of the worlds, the effect on us can be imagined. 'Andalib was utterly distraught; his heart broke. With tears in his eyes, he cried out: 'Ya Baha! Ya Baha!' expressing his grief.

Baha’u'llah dismissed us from his presence, saying 'Go in God's care'. Every one of us prostrated at His blessed feet and circumambulated His bed. We left the room in deepest sorrow, burning from separation from the Beloved."

From Samandari: Moments With Baha'u'llah pp 30-33, published by Kalimat Press


LAMENT at the Ascension of Baha’u'llah

by 'Andalib (Mirza ‘Ali-Ashraf, a famous Baha'i poet)
translation by Ahang Rabbani and Anthony A. Lee

He is the Powerful, the Mighty, the Beloved!

Today the cupbearer, by God’s design,
poured bile into the cup of life, not wine.

Every wound has its balm, each ache a cure-
except this wound! this endless ache of mine!

The nightingales refuse to sing. No trees.
The world’s gone dark, and every eye is blind.

Calamity! The universe unbuilt.
Calamity! The reign of God undone.

On the Sea of Mercy all waves lie still.
But waves of woe rise high! The storm’s begun.

The banner of God's Name collapsed. Such grief,
such grief that heaven will be overrun.

Through Him the Day of Resurrection dawned:
Now earth quakes at the setting of His Sun.

From Sinai He called, "Come see!" Now Moses
hears these final words: "You shall never see."

On the Most Great Ocean the Crimson Ark
has sunk. The tears of Noah drown the sea.

Look west! The Sun of Holiness has set.
Look up! and in His placeless place He’ll be.

We'll never hear His voice again, but there
the Nightingale of Paradise flies free.